20: Matt Smith Will Star in “American Psycho” Musical

20: Matt Smith Will Star in “American Psycho” Musical

I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard Doctor Who fan, but that’s only really because of how disappointed I’ve been in the quality of the last few series. (I mean, come on. I liked Clara as much as anyone likes a pithy, gorgeous, fantastically clever British girl, but the trope is tired, Stephen Moffat! It’s really, really tired.)

Matt Smith is a complete and total delight, though, and I’ve been a big fan of his since BBC2’s Party Animals in 2007. His turn as Christopher Isherwood in 2011’s Christopher and His Kind was similarly wonderful. He’s a versatile actor in the thankless position of being extremely, obsessively, insatiably famous for one role, and he has always done his level best to not allow his exposure as The Doctor hold him back from pursuing various others.

I’m excited to see what he can do with this role, although I will mostly be watching in morbid fascination to see what Duncan Sheik has come up with. How can you go wrong with a song called “You Are What You Wear” in a musical production of about a murdering sociopath?

Allons-y, indeed.