27: Why I’ve been gone for so long + blog cleanup

So this is a weird post to write, because I hadn’t intended for this blog to be particularly personal, but I did start it because I love pop culture, and I’m always looking for places to discuss my opinions on various things. You’d think a blog dedicated to me watching things and providing my thoughts on them would foster some of my best writing, and some it has been! A lot of it has been really lackluster, though, and that’s pretty unacceptable for a perfectionist like me.

I went on vacation at the end of October, and maybe that’s what got me out of the habit, but honestly, I think it was my unsatisfaction with the writing. I’m back, though! I don’t really make resolutions, but this year I did, and one of the 5 things I decided to focus on was getting back to writing in this blog.

So, look out! There are a couple of interviews coming up with a couple of my favorite musicians, a compare and contrast of the two Mandela films that have come out in the last few years, and (hopefully!) much more to come.


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