21: Super Fun Night

It is super easy to make me laugh. I’m kind of a dick about it when I don’t find you funny, but typically, I’m the dude in the corner giggling over the sight gag that involves an old lady getting a pie to the face.

When I first heard about the Super Fun Night pilot, it was a few years ago, before Rebel Wilson had reached the pinnacle of her success, and Jenny Slate was attached to co-star. I’d liked her since her run at SNL, so I was excited to see her in something a bit more streamlined, and then kind of bummed when the project was shelved.

This isn’t a new theory, but there’s something to be said about the fact that “passion projects” almost never work out the way their creators would like them to. Rebel Wilson has campaigned for this project for years, it seems, and according to her Vulture profile, is committed to making it to the best of her abilities. According to almost everyone, including some critics I almost always agree with (and some I do not), friends and co-workers, Super Fun Night is a miss on nearly every level. There  are too many “fat jokes”, there isn’t enough character development, Wilson’s American accent is a travesty. Etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.

Sure, the pilot is rough, but I found that there was a genuine sweetness to it that’s so often missing in a time of weekly “hate watches” and an overabundance of irony. Remember Lake Bell’s episode of New Girl, you guys? I know that’s sort of the most obvious choice, but I also feel like it’s a genuine reflection of how a lot of young folks view media today. Super Fun Night, for its faults (of which there are many, because — pilot), is a genuinely sweet show filled with people who care about themselves and each other. I hope it makes it.

Also, ask my best friend. I am a total monster when it comes to accents. Rebel Wilson’s isn’t nearly as bad as it could be.


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