18: Medecezir (2013)

I watch a lot of television. I know you guys know, because I tell you all the time, but the facts remain the same. I watch a lot of television, and perhaps nothing was so seminal to my formative years as a little show on Fox, called The O.C..

After learning that the show, a pithy, summer replacement that might not have gone anywhere (RIP 5ever, Coca Cola’s Young Americans) had gotten picked up for later that fall, it’s possible I did a jig. I was so excited.

There was something about it that appealed to me so immensely. Maybe it was that, as a born-and-bred east-coaster, Newport was about as far as far away from my reality as possible, but it was so easy to root for Ryan and Seth and Sandy, and even Kirsten, after the first couple of episodes.

I am so excited about the Turkish version of this show, even though I don’t speak Turkish and likely won’t learn it quick enough to watch. Damn, my lack of linguistic skills!

Hopefully it shows up somewhere soon with subtitles, because that is the time when I will bask in its glory.


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