14: Mary, Queen of Scots | Trailer 2013 HD

When I was a very little girl — I’m talking 20 years ago now, so probably about 6 — I heard the story of this young woman, only a few years older than me, who became Queen of England in the mid part of the 1500s.

Maybe I liked her because of the promise of all that red hair (I’d been obsessed since Ariel in The Little Mermaid), but my fascination spurned me to read every piece of Elizabethan and Tudor history I could find.

I’ve seen the films, I’ve read the fictions, I’ve perused the histories. This is one of my favorite parts of history for many reasons, but mostly, I think, because Elizabeth cleared a path for herself during a time when pretty much the most a woman could hope for was a romp through the King’s bed or perhaps a chance to play a part as a political pawn.

It isn’t that Elizabeth eschewed all of those constructs (I’m looking at you, Thomas Seymour) but she persevered. I’ll always be thankful for her for that.

Poor Mary. She hasn’t gotten any play in this intro at all, and she was a fascinating character in her own right. From what I’ve heard about this Imbach interpretation, Camille Rutherford’s performance is nothing short of astounding.

I can’t wait for this film to get a wide release!


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