13: Gravity (Official Main Trailer 2K HD)

Let’s talk about Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity and how it looks absolutely terrifying and also like something I want to watch immediately.

Space has always terrified me. I was never wanted to look up into the stars and explore, because of the immense unknown quotient of it. I feel like that’s way more revealing than I meant for it to be, but it’s the truth. I was the kid at archaeology camp (this is a lie, although I wish I had been) or history camp (did this exist?) or anything-that-would-tether-me-to-Earth-camp (definitely not a thing, but possibly something I should co-found with some other like-minded individuals), because at least Earth I could understand.

William Shatner wasn’t wrong when he called space “the final frontier”, but it was never a frontier I wanted to explore. Not myself.

However, thanks to the magic of television and cinema, I can explore space all I want. There’s no mystery behind why I was always so invested in the far away worlds traveled to by the Star Trek folks. Don’t even talk to me about Firefly, because I will definitely talk your ear off about how the (intended, fuck off Fox) pilot is one of the most splendidly crafted first hours of television I’ve ever seen. I’ll do it, too. No one is safe.

The thing about Gravity is that it literally takes all my fears about space exploration and ties them together with two of the most charming and beloved actors of the last twenty years. There’s no doubt in my mind that casting Clooney and Sandra Bullock in these roles was intentional. It’s terrifying to see folks we care about in mortal peril, but there’s more to it, I think. They’re a comfort; less an audience equivalent and more like guides sent forth to light the path.

I am kind of bummed that there seem to be more explodey-space ship-y things in this latest trailer. Can’t lie about it, I was kind of hoping this would be more like Ryan Reynolds movie Buried.


2 thoughts on “13: Gravity (Official Main Trailer 2K HD)

  1. Let’s not forget about the space as introduced by the bloke who talks about timey wimey stuff. I am terrified of this movie as well. I want to/don’t want to watch it at the same time. Kind of like Schrödinger’s cat-is it dead/alive? Who knows. That’s how I feel about this movie.

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