6: Paranoia (Trailer #1)

One day, I will talk about something other than film trailers, but unfortunately, today is not that day.

This Vulture article tells me Paranoia is a pleasant waste of time, and maybe that’s all it is. I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet, but judging from this trailer, I kind of want to.

I love this kind of story, even though it’s tired. I love Liam Hemsworth’s face. I kind of wish it were a straight story about a poor-Brooklynite making good and then double crossing Big (Tech) Corporation, but it’s important to me that women get strong, prominent roles in film, so I guess I love Amber Heard too.

What have you gleaned from these two minutes and thirty-two seconds? Pleasant time-waster, dud*, or high-energy thriller?

*I legitimately wrote and deleted ‘dude’ here SEVEN TIMES. This week definitely needs to be over already.


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