5: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (Trailer #1)

Before you watch this trailer, you should go and read this post on Flavorwire.

Aside from just posting this trailer and talking about about how phenomenal the movie looks, I really wanted to take a brief second to talk about how important I think film criticism is. I am relatively new to the game, in that movies were not a particularly important art form in my home, and even when I finally took some Film Courses in college, the premium was not put on how to write about them, but instead how to view and dissect them. You’d think those two methodologies would go hand in hand, but for the professors teaching film at Suffolk University (2005 – 2009), you’d be wrong.

I didn’t grow up reading Ebert’s reviews, and really only recently started getting into them at all. The only exposure I had to people talking about movies were newspaper articles in the Entertainment section of the Globe and the Herald, short blurbs online, or those epic tomes of movies that graded them on a score of ‘turkey’ to 4.

“But what about the doorknobs?!?!” Twelve year old me shouted while reading some review of Sixth Sense. The doorknobs were so incredibly integral to the unraveling of that mystery, and that film critic bro totally skipped talking about them. I was kind of soured on reading reviews after that. They’d either be too negative, or too syrupy and sweet. I was on a crusade to completely ignore the film critic and branch out on my own! Who cared about some pasty folk stuck inside behind their computers all day? Pah.

Whether that is true or not, I am also a pasty chick stuck inside my computer all day, and I couldn’t have written half as lovely a review of this movie as Jason Bailey did.

The trailer is moving, the clip linked in his post even more so, but what really convinced me I needed to see this film was the writing. His reaction to it is what compels me and I think that is incredibly powerful stuff.

Go and check it out, and then please come back and talk to me about whether you’re well versed in film criticism, what your favorite essays and compilations are, and if you were mad about the doorknob omission too.


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