4: Now That’s What I Call Writing Music!

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, staring blankly at the vast, white expanse of your Word, Drive, TextEdit or FinalDraft, completely at a loss for what to expound on during any given day. Sometimes there are assignments and parameters, but mostly, changing the world one cleverly written sentence at a time is tasked to your brain and your brain alone.

I’m baffled by the folks who can sit down and just have the words pour forth from their fingertips. I am surely not one of them. Ask my best friend how long it took me to even come up with the idea for this blog. …or don’t. The answer is even more pathetic than you might think.

Regardless, what does drag me out of my writing funks is music, and I figured I’d share some of my favorite writing salves, because the post I’d planned to write today refuses to come out the way I want.

I frequently work really well to the Phantom Planet album “The Guest”, specifically to the track All Over Again. There’s just something about blaring it on the loudest possible volume that really lights me up. It’s not even really that angry a song, but there’s something about it that gets my blood boiling.

Chris Bathgate‘s, “A Cork Tale Wake” is one of those alums that just stops me in my tracks. I was first introduced to the song Cold Fusion (Snakes) and for actual years, only listened to that one track. I can be pretty dumb sometimes, and not checking out the rest of that album immediately was most definitely one of those times. It’s such a cohesive, haunting listen.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Neko Case. Her lyrics are beautiful and deliberate and so, so visual. Lots of songs tell stories, but for my money, she does it best. I listen to her when I need to write happy stories and sad stories, and everything in between. If Neko can’t drag me out of the abyss, nothing can.

Check out the record “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood“. It will change your relationship with words and sentences, I promise.

Now, here’s the fun part! What are you listening to? What gets you inspired? Can’t hurt to share some tunes and make the writer’s block quake in its boots!


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