Greetings & Salutations…

always seemed like a weird way to say “hello”, to me. A salutary, I’d learned, from all those years of mind-numbing English classes before I was old enough to register for Creative Writing (I-IV), meant wholesome, good (thanks for confirming that just now, Google).

This isn’t an English lesson, but it is a curious way to say hello. Also, this will be the first and last time the heading, “greetings and salutations” will ever make an appearance on this blog.

After only seeing Heathers for the first time a short while ago, I have a strong belief that the less like J.D. I am, the happier I’ll be.

For reference, hi. I’m Marianna, your… spirit guide? Your oasis of calm? Your guide on this trip. You can stick your limbs outside the conveyance if you’d like, but I can’t guarantee their safety.